Hi, I’m Jana.

I’m a self-taught artist working mostly with watercolors. I loved painting since I was a little girl - it just stuck with me. During my teens and early twenties I painted a lot. Then my husband and I moved from Europe to the U.S.A. and a little later our family started to grow, so the priorities shifted.

In 2012, when we moved to Sweden temporarily, I started painting again almost daily as well as practicing calligraphy and hand lettering. Since then I have filled pages on pages of watercolor paper and I’m not tired of doing so. There’s always something that needs to be painted!

I share my work mostly on Instagram, but also on Facebook and on my blog.

IG: @tangledpen
fb: tangledpen

(old blog posts: www.tangledpen.wordpress.com)

I hope to see you at one of the upcoming workshops or on my blog! I’m looking forward to share my love for watercolors and lettering with everyone who’s interested.