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Time flies, and obviously I haven’t posted anything to my blog in quite a while. I’m thinking about it, but I can’t get to it it seems. I’m holding myself back, I admit. Of course family comes first, then come my jobs (two freelance), then my etsy business and after all that, my little blog awaits. Once I have a few minutes that I could use to tend to this little place, I feel it should be the perfect post, neat pictures, well written etc. So for that I tell myself I would need more time than just a few minutes… and there you have it, no post written at all. Today I thought: No excuses, just post!
So here you go, a short piece about my ponderings and a few pictures :) Let me know what you think! Here or on my other sites: on Facebook (also not fed very often) or on Instagram (where you can catch the most pictures).


I started painting botanical finds from our backyard in my new journal. 

I started painting botanical finds from our backyard in my new journal. 

Be well everyone,



PS.: For all of you who are interested to know which art supplies I use, I will try to include the materials used at the end of each blog post. I buy most of my supplies local, if possible. Though I end up ordering a lot from amazon because I can't find certain paints or brushes in our local store. So the supplies listed here will mostly be affiliated links. 

I received this little journal for Christmas and I really love it. The paper is perfect for light watercolor washes - it stays flat and won't buckle after applying the paint. It comes in different cover colors - mine is black. Once my current one is filled, I'll buy a blue one :)

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