Hello Fall


Obviously it has been quite a while since my last blog post. But if you're following along on Instagram, you know that I did not vanish and that I'm still trying to fit time to paint in my busy schedule.


We have had a very travel extensive Summer. We traveled to Europe to visit family and friends in June. It was so great to see everyone again after a long time. Of course it was exhausting too, but our kids were more excited than exhausted, so everything worked out great. 

The 'Zwinger' in Dresden, Germany If you ever have a chance to be in Dresden, go visit, it's magnificent!

The 'Zwinger' in Dresden, Germany
If you ever have a chance to be in Dresden, go visit, it's magnificent!

After we came back from this round, we packed again to drive all the way to Washington (state). What a beautiful area! We loved it so much. Plenty of time and perfect weather to explore and swim in lakes and rivers.

One last short trip before school started again took us to Lake Michigan - we try to camp at least once a year in one of the many State Parks. It was very relaxing. 

Cornflowers are one of my favorites! 

Cornflowers are one of my favorites! 

Well, meanwhile it's Fall and our boys are almost done with the first quarter of this school year. I'm looking forward to Fall break. We plan to be outside a lot and hike the nearby areas and of course have a bonfire or two. 

Don't forget to check the 'printables' tab in the menu! I made an October calendar sheet with one of the Fall leave wreaths - it's free, just download and print :)

Happy Fall to everyone!
Thanks for sticking around, even though posts are rare around here ;)

Be well, Jana


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